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"[...] Dance it Up! dance studio, has provided a unique dance experience to the metrowest Massachusetts area for 25 years, and still going strong. As a dance educator, Dance it Up! was the studio of choice for my daughters. Starting them off as toddlers in the highly creative, copyrighted and registered Dance and Play® program for toddlers, sparked their love of the arts, fostered expressivity and gave them tools for socialization. It was exciting to follow each of their paths as maturing dancers, as well as all of the other dancers in the Dance it Up! family. What a special place Dance it Up! plays in the community."

— Audrey

“I’m so glad we found Dance it Up! Our daughter has been dancing there since she was 2-1/2, and what we love best about the DIU community is how warm, encouraging and healthy it is. The focus is on building confidence, encouraging movement, and nurturing a love of dance. It is a supportive and healthy environment in a world that can often be a bit intense for young girls as they grow. She has made great friends, learned from caring, committed teachers, and forged what is likely to be a lifelong love of the art of dance.”

— Liora

“We have been with Dance It Up! for seven wonderful years of dance. I love the class and studio environment. Each dancer is treated with respect and is taught to love not only dance but herself. The dancers take care of each other. One of my favorite memories will always be the time I glimpsed backstage during the Nutcracker Dress rehearsal. I saw a line of girls from 6-8 years old buttoning each other’s costume and fixing each other’s headpieces. They didn’t need us; they had each other. The Dance It Up! family has been so good to us over the years encouraging my daughter and fostering her love of dance. The studio has become a second home to us and we are so grateful!”

— Laura

“My two daughters have been dancing at Dance It Up! for 3 years. We found Dance It Up! on a great recommendation. We had tried another local dance school but they were over-crowded and under staffed and were not able to make accommodations for my daughter with Special Needs. We we very nervous about starting at a new place 3 months into the season, but Stephanie and her experienced staff placed my daughter with a teacher who had a background working with kids with Autism. They were very patient and structured with her. They have great teen model/helpers in the class. And if a class gets too crowded they can sometimes divide it into smaller groups. We have had great teachers and my girls look forward to dance class each week. I’ve recommended Dance It Up! to several friends and neighbors. We love Dance It Up!! If you’re looking for a great dance school (without the “stodginess”) then look into Dance It Up! Your kids will love it! ”

— Angela

“My whole life I wanted to start dance but couldn’t due to my family’s frequent moving and fear of being unwelcome in a studio where no one knew me. As scared as I was, I signed up for a ballet class during my freshman year of high school at Dance It Up!: a studio that I still had to meet and I assumed would only ever see me as the new girl. In the dance world there are so many studios who base their teachings on pressure, insecurities, and competitiveness. This could have been my story and today my passion for dance would have been ruined a long time ago. But this wasn’t my story at all because of one detail: I picked the right studio. I picked Dance It Up! where the hard work, well-being, and passion of students are the top priority. I am a senior this year who after four years of ballet, three years of contemporary, three years of hip hop, two years of jazz, and one year of dancing en pointe, is more than devastated about moving on from such a wonderful and caring environment. I couldn’t be more excited to use the skills I learned at this wonderful studio in my musical theater major and dance minor in the upcoming years. I would like to personally thank Dance It Up! for not only taking me in and accepting me as part of its dance family, but for being my second home.”

— Ceili

“My son started in Dance It Up!’s youngest class, Wee Dance N’ Play, at just under 2 years old—I was wary of how much he would actually pick up on but to my pleasant surprise he’s learned so much in just a few short months! His class has progressed in with every class and it is so wonderful to see how much they can now retain with instruction.[His teachers] have their hands full corralling these high-energy tots, but they do so with such grace and patience. They know each child personally and can tell the you little quirks/preferences that each toddler has. I even mentioned once that my son had a favorite song and the next class (and for every subsequent class) they’d incorporated it into the curriculum for him; this kind of attention and love is so appreciated. 

Parents are welcome to either stay in the room at this young age group to help the classroom transition, or sit in a neighboring room with a watch window. Both options are so helpful with the little ones whose temperaments change from day to day—some days they need their moms/dads in the room and others they do better with them out of the room. As a Stay at Home mom, this was the perfect way for me to help my son transition into taking classes on his own but show him that I was not far away. I could not be happier with the classes and Dance it Up! ”

— Maria

“My daughter Lucy started Dance 'N Play at age 2 and is now in her second year of this AMAZING program. Her teacher has been the most kind, patient, and creative instructor - more than I ever could have wished for my timid daughter’s first class experience (let alone her first introduction to dance). Over these 2 years, Lucy has grown as a student, dancer, and most importantly little young lady. We love being a part of the Dance It Up! family! ”

— Erin

“My daughter Cheyanna started dance classes a little over a month ago. She is 2.9 and she absolutely adores her teacher. She does the Dance 'N Play class and she tells me how much she loves it! Her instructor is great and so good with the kids! She is very helpful with any questions I have as well. "

— Kasandra

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