Adult Classes

Fit It In!!!

No dancing experience necessary! Our adult classes are designed for those of any age who have always wanted to but missed their chance to learn how to dance!

We do not charge a registration fee for adult classes. Please email the studio by 10pm on Monday of the week you'd like to attend class(es). We must have 5 participants to run the class.


Adults are exempt from our dress code. Adults are welcome to wear what is most comfortable to class. We recommend a snug fitting top and leggings.


Cost per class

Adult class $20/hour

Senior 65+ $15/hour

DIU Member $10/hour

**ZUMBA will be charged 50% as it is a 30 minute class

If you are new to adult classes at Dance It Up!, we welcome you to attend a complimentary trial class. Please call or email to let us know when you'd like to attend!

Please contact the studio for more information or click here to register online.
508-839-1648 or email us at 


Adult Summer Classes

Ballet/Tap/Jazz - Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm 

June 21 - August 30

Adult Latin - Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

June 22 - August 31

Adult Zumba - Wednesdays 7:30-8:00pm

June 22 - August 31



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Adult Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Adult Ballet/Tap/Jazz with Brenna.

Brenna's ballet/tap/jazz class begins at the barre gradually introducing different muscle groups into action. Gentle stretching increases flexibility and circulation. Centre floor work uses ballet steps to build stamina and strength. Tap and jazz combinations will be learned based on the interest of the participants. Proper terminology will be learned. All levels are welcome! 

Adult Jazz - Fall 2022

10 week session with Brenna.

Brenna’s jazz dance class will begin with a short cardio warmup, isolations and stretching, before progressing to movement across the floor. A short combination will be learned in the center. Appropriate for all levels of fitness and dance experience, no special shoes required (grip socks or bare feet are fine!)


Adult Latin

Adult Latin with Brendan

BRENDAN FOLEY! has developed a deep passion and an authentic understanding of various Latin dance styles through extensive training and travel. In his class, you will be exposed to Salsa and Bachata. Salsa is a mixture of Latin music and dance genres, with influences from jazz, ballroom, and hustle. Salsa is rhythm. Salsa is energy. Salsa is flavor and spice. Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic is the offspring of the energy of merengue and the romance of bolero. Bachata is playful. Bachata is relaxed. Bachata is finding your groove. Classes will be geared toward creating a fun, energetic, and relaxed environment that mirrors the essence of the dances. No experience necessary! 


Adult Zumba

Adult Zumba with Brendan



Adult Barre

Spring session 
On hold - We are actively looking for a barre instructor!

Our barre class workshop is based on ballet technique but set to upbeat pop music. Easy to follow along, with modifications and challenge options offered, this class will help you to increase your strength, stamina, stability and flexibility. After a quick cardio warmup, you’ll perform low impact moves at the barre, in the center and on your mat, finishing with a deep stretch. Appropriate for all fitness levels, no dance experience necessary, bring a yoga mat and water.