As a non-competitive studio, our classes are grouped by age*, not ability. We offer dance instruction in a variety of dance genres including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, Irish, Latin, pointe technique. Our performance groups, Dance Team and Ballet Repertory Ensemble give students additional opportunities to perform on stage. 

*age as of September 1

Ages 2.5 - 4 Years

Dance 'N Play®

A uniquely magical movement program - this one and a half hour long program has been developed to stimulate the minds and bodies of young, growing children. It introduces movement and music in a very unique style which encourages and allows them to explore their vast imaginations and to develop gross motor skills at their own pace, through the use of props, costumes, music, lighting and creative movement. Dance ‘N Play® was developed by educators to instill a love of movement and music in a safe and nurturing environment.

Age 4

Intro to Dance

An introduction to dance through imagination and self-expression. This class is designed to develop coordination, rhythm, flexibility and a love for music and dance. This class includes a 15-minute section of tap to develop musicality.

Ages 5 - 6

Ballet & Tap I & II

These classes are the beginning of formal ballet and tap training. Children are introduced to ballet barre and some ballet and tap terminology. The emphasis is still on improving body awareness and instilling a love for dance. 

Ages 7 - 10

Fundamentals of Dance 

The study of ballet begins here with simple barre exercises and centre floor technique. Instructors use proper ballet terminology and students begin to develop an appreciation for classical music. After the 45 minute ballet portion, a short section of contemporary jazz and tap are given to increase rhythm and timing.

Our ballet education progresses for this age group with more advanced barre and centre technique. As the levels progress, barre work is concentrated and combinations become more complex.

Ages 11 - 12/Grade 6 & 7

Dance Prep

Focuses on building vocabulary and choreographic knowledge while maintaining the good placement and technique learned in the Fundamentals years. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Ballet Tech and Pre-pointe classes to maximize their potential growth.

Ages 13 - 14/Grade 8 & 9

Senior Prep

A continuation of Dance Prep for 8th grade and up. We offer Senior Prep classes for Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz.


Ballets students will be introduced to longer combination and are encouraged to also enroll in Ballet Tech and Pre-pointe or Pointe classes to maximize their potential growth. 

Age 15 & Up/Grade 10 - 12


Senior Ballet is for the most dedicated dancers in grade 10 and up or by permission. As our most advanced class, it combines technique from all earlier levels. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Ballet Tech and Pre-pointe or Pointe classes to maximize their potential growth.

Ages 8 & Up

(Must also be enrolled in a ballet class)


A contemporary dance form. Modern takes its roots in ballet and is highly influenced by many other styles of dance both popular and traditional. Use of space, timing, alignment, and rhythmic sensibility will be explored through floor work, combination and improvisation.

Ages 6 & Up

Hip Hop

Set to the music of today, this offshoot of jazz dance combined with street dance is fun and upbeat. 

Ages 6 & Up

Irish Step

Combining artistry, grace, and physical ability, step dancing is presented on introductory level. For soft shoe dances a light reel, a light jig, slip jig, and a four or eight hand reel are taught.


We also offer advanced beginner and intermediate levels of Irish Step. These classes include hard shoe dances, such as jigs, hornpipes, treble reels, and traditional sets.

Ages 8 & Up

Latin Dance

Join us for this high-energy class! Students will learn the fundamentals of Latin dancing. The dance styles will include the Cha Cha, the Swing, the Mambo and the Merengue. Students will learn choreographed line dances in all four styles, so no partner necessary!

For dancers enrolled in Fundamentals III, IV or Dance Prep I Ages 9 - 11

Intro to Pre-Pointe

(For passionate dancers ages 9-11 enrolled in Fundamentals III, IV or Dance Prep I) This class prepares students for pre-pointe training by focusing on strengthening, conditioning and learning to connect the bodys’ core strength to feet posture and turnout.

For dancers also enrolled in Fundamentals IV or Dance Prep Ballet

Pre-Pointe Technique

A second weekly class for students transitioning on pointe or considering pointework. Class will consist of core and leg strength training, flexibility and strength exercises for turnout, a pre-pointe barre warm-up, small footwork exercises in center, and turns en diagonale. 

For dancers also enrolled in Senior Prep or Senior Ballet

Pointe Technique

A second weekly class for students already en pointe (by instructor approval only) or wishing to be considered for pointe work. Class will consist of core strength training, a pointe/pre-pointe barre, center work, and turns en diagonale. Students must be enrolled in Pointe/Tech to be eligible to perform en pointe; instructor will determine whether a student has the necessary strength for the role.  

Non-competitive Performance Ensemble Ages 6 & up

Team Dance It Up!

Under the direction of Maureen Williams & Elizabeth McCarthy… Team Dance It Up! is a non-competitive, innovative performance ensemble. Students work with various choreographers learning a variety of dance pieces to perform in the Nutcracker, Our World is Dancing, the spring concert and at community events. Team Dance It Up! is a fun dance opportunity that challenges students’ bodies and minds. Participation fosters self-discipline, self-esteem and performance ability through the art of dance. Dance Team is a great venue to experience new genres. Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Latin Dance have all been presented at our performances. 

Non-competitive Performance Ensemble Ages 11 & Up

Ballet Repertory Ensemble

Under the direction of Catherine Rhodes... Dedicated ballet students ages 11 and up participate in a company class composed of a full barre and center work, as well as stretching and conditioning. Masterworks of ballet by famous choreographers and their context in history are learned. Choreography includes challenging solos, small ensemble works and large corps de ballet pieces. Past selections include scenes from Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Coppelia, Les Sylphides, The Four Seasons and Orpheus and Eurydice, spanning 1840-1978. This Ensemble begins the first Saturday in January, runs for 20 weeks and performs in Our World is Dancing and the spring concert.


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