About Dance It Up

Dance It Up is the premier dance studio serving the dancers of the greater Central Massachusetts area for 20 years, specializing in classic and contemporary dance instruction for dancers ages 22 months through adult. A non-competitive studio, Dance It Up focuses on nurturing fundamental skills, technique and the love of dance to empower and stimulate the minds and bodies of young dancers. 

Dance It Up offers a variety of dance instruction including Intro to Dance, Ballet (including Pointe), Tap, Acrobatic Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, Irish Step and Hip Hop. Instruction can start as early as 22 months with the Dance ‘N Play® program, a copyrighted registered pre-school dance program developed by co founder, Stephanie Mack in 2005, to introduce and instill a love of movement and music in a stimulating and imagination space. The unique program allows the youngest of dancers to develop gross motor skills and social independence at their own pace through the use of props, costumes, music lighting and creative movement in a safe, nurturing environment.

The staff holds combined dance training and teaching experience of over 100 years, offering a breadth of specialized instruction and choreography experience unrivalled in the area. The studio also offers a summer “Pink Princess Camp” and summer dance workshops as well as year-round adult classes that include barre and ballet classes. 

Our Mission

To instill in our students a love of music and dance; encourage imagination and creativity through classroom technique, performance opportunities and exposure to different genres of dance art.

Our Values

To achieve our goals and to therefore, accomplish Our Mission, we strongly believe that the proper environment is essential. At Dance It Up!, you may expect a warm, caring, nurturing and harmonious atmosphere, where cooperation, open communication, courtesy and respect are our trademarks.

Our Method

Dance It Up is a non-competitive dance school whose mission is to instill in our students a love of music and dance. We offer a broad range of movement programs for ages 22 months to adult.

Major portions of classes are devoted to formal/specific dance instruction, with a gentler approach for the younger students. At appropriate levels and sessions of the year, performance is a focus should your dancer choose it to be.

Our DANCE ‘N PLAY® program, a stepping stone to pre school, is designed to ensure young children (ages 22 months to 4) are not beginning formal training too early; they are gently encouraged to explore movement and imagination; geared to provide social interaction in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Pointe work is authorized by the Director of the Ballet Program.

Dance It Up! consists of four dance studios that are all heated and air conditioned.  Each studio comes with an observation window to watch from.

The studio will continue to be resilient and well maintained with suspended floors and floor spaces that are adequate for class size.

All dancers have free access to drinking water, a beverage vending machine, dressing space and three restrooms.

Parents can choose to wait for or observe their dancer(s) in furnished and decorated waiting areas, with reading materials for adults and books, toys and table and chairs for children. The studio also has WiFi access and a DVD player available.



Dance It Up, Inc., Dancing Instruction, North Grafton, MA