(Ages 2 Years - 4 years)

 A Uniquely Magical Movement Program for Children. 

Our DANCE ‘N PLAY® program, a stepping stone to preschool, is designed to ensure young children (ages 2 to 4) are not beginning formal training too early; they are gently encouraged to explore movement and imagination; geared to provide social interaction in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

This one and a half hour long program has been developed to stimulate the minds and bodies of young, growing children. It introduces movement and music in a very unique style which encourages them and allows them to explore their vast imaginations and to develop gross motor skills at their own pace, through the use of props, costumes, music, lighting and creative movement.
Dance ‘N Play® was developed by educators to instill a love of movement and music in a safe and nurturing environment.

In our Dance 'N Play classes, our tiny dancers move and learn about the changing seasons and the butterfly's magical spring transformation.
Dance It Up!'s youngest class, Wee Dance 'N Play, dancing to the Choo Choo Train at their end of year classroom performance.
Dance It Up, Inc., Dancing Instruction, North Grafton, MA