(AGES 11-12 / GRADES 6-7)

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Focuses on building vocabulary and choreographic knowledge while maintaining the good placement and technique learned in the Fundamentals years. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Ballet Tech and Pre-pointe classes to maximize their potential growth. Class time includes 1 hour of each Ballet, Jazz and Tap. 


A combination of both the art of acrobatics and dance. The focus is on tumbling skills while incorporating dance. Students concentrate on improving balance, agility and flexibility. Please contact Dance It Up! for placement recommendations. 


(Ages 11 & Up- Must also be enrolled in a ballet class) A contemporary dance form. Modern takes its roots in ballet and is highly influenced by many other styles of dance both popular and traditional. Use of space, timing, alignment, and rhythmic sensibility will be explored through floor work, combination and improvisation.

HIP HOP 9-12

 Set to the music of today, this offshoot of jazz dance combined with street dance is fun and upbeat. 

Introduction to Latin Dance (Age 9-12)

In this high energy class, the students will learn the fundamentals of Latin dancing. The dance styles will include the Cha Cha, the Swing, the Mambo and the Merengue. The students will learn choreographed line dances in all 4 styles, so no partner necessary!  

Pre Pointe /Technique 

(Dancers also enrolled in Dance Prep Ballet.) A second weekly class for students transitioning on pointe or considering pointework.  Class will consist of core and leg strength training, flexibility and strength exercises for turnout, a pre-pointe barre warm-up, small footwork exercises in center, and turns en diagonale.

TEAM DANCE IT UP! and Ballet Repertory Ensemble

Dancers ages 11 and Up can also participate in Team Dance It Up!  as well as Ballet Repertory Ensemble, our non-competitive performance groups! Click the link for more information about our performance groups!

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